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Did you know? Interesting facts about tea

Did you know? Interesting facts about tea


There are people who love coffee, there are who do not. It is the same with tea. However, when the cold autumn or winter come most of the people like to drink a nice cup of tea, which not only a warm touch for our body, but for the soul as well.  In this article we collected interesting facts about tea which you may did not know.

  1. Drinking tea is a real social event in many cultures (e.g. English, Japanese, Chinese).
  2. The main active ingredients are the stimulating theophylline and caffeine.  Unlike coffee, these substances work slower, but last longer.
  3. Beside sugar and lemon, alcoholic drinks like wine, cognac, brandy are added to flavor tea.
  4. Many people know its beneficial effects on cardiovascular diseases, preventing the formation of tumor, but only few people are aware that tea can even inhibit tooth decay as well.
  5. Black tea is healthy and contains less caffeine than coffee. It is a good thing because it will not be a load on the body during drinking it long term.
  6. The 50 percent of daily required fluid (2,5-3 liters) can be replaced by tea.
  7. A strong tea can be used to marinate meat or to add it into pastry dough instead of milk.
  8. Chinese people already have drunk tea around 2737 B.C.
  9. Tea bags and ice tea were invented in 1904, in the US.
  10. The tea is an evergreen plant with white flowers and green growth. There are some types, which can grow up to 15-20 meters high.
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