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Did you know? Interesting facts about coffee

Did you know? Interesting facts about coffee


We drink 500 billion cups of coffee every year, all over the world. Most of the time it is the part of our breakfast, but we are happy to sip it during the day too. We gathered the facts that you may not know you drank your last cup of coffee.

1.      The coffee was discovered by a goat herder in the 9th century. He recognized that his animals’ behavior changed after they gathered the fruits of a coffee tree. Then he tried it himself.  

2.      Only few people know that the coffee is a tree or a bush and its fruits look like red berry. The coffee bean - what most of the people know – is the seed of this fruit. They coffee berry is also an edible fruit; it leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

3.      Worldwide, more than 50 kinds of coffee are available, but the most popular and the best selling is the Arabica.

4.      The coffee was banned three times during the history. For example, Charles II of England tried to ban coffee houses because he thought that only conspiracies are born over the cups.

5.      Coffee is the second best selling product in the world. Only the oil precedes it.

6.      Most of the coffee is consumed in the US, France and Germany.

7.      The word coffee means “wine of the bean”.

8.      The first Hungarian coffee house was opened in 1714.

9.      The light colored coffee beans contain more caffeine than the dark ones.

10.  The ground coffee is a great ant repellent.

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