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Did you know? Interesting facts about chocolate

Did you know? Interesting facts about chocolate


Round chocolate, chocolate filled or unfilled, chocolate with hazel or with raisins. No matter which one we are talking about it has countless existing species all around the world. Now let’s look at those interesting things and facts that might be news to you!

1.      The cocoa beans have been already grown in 600 BC as well. The first one who cultivated it were the Mayas.

2.      The Aztecs must have paid taxes with cocoa beans for their conquerors, when they were defeated by the Mayas.

3.      The first chocolate factory was opened in 1580 in Spain.

4.      In the USA, the average chocolate consumption reaches 4,5 kg’s per person a year.

5.      During the two world wars chocolate was a main food for soldiers because of it is high nutritional value.

6.      Those babies whose mothers ate chocolate during their pregnancy turned out to be more balanced and happier.

7.      Chocolate helps releasing hormones which are responsible for happiness.

8.      White chocolate is not a real chocolate, because it is only containing cocoa butter, but no cocoa beans.

9.      Almost 400 cocoa beans have been processed for 450 grams of high quality chocolate.

10.The world’s biggest chocolate bar was more than 5 tons! 

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