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Did you know? Interesting facts about cats

Did you know? Interesting facts about cats


We can argue that the dog or the cat is a better pet, but we must agree that cats are at least the same lovable and faithful as dogs. Now you can learn ten interesting facts about these pets.

  1. They say cats have nine lives. They have a great sense of balance and they are prompt 1. They can even survive a fall from 32 meters high.
  2. Knowing Garfield, we are not surprised that cats can be so lazy. They sleep through the 70% of their lives.
  3. Cats have been loved for a long time. They were already the favorite and most respected animal of the Egyptians in 3600 B.C.
  4. Your cat can recognize your voice.
  5. Their brain is really similar to human’s.
  6. They have much better long-term memory than dogs do.
  7. Cats can go through even the tiniest places. At least most of them… They use their whiskers to figure out if they can pass or not. 
  8. The first cat in space was French.
  9. When you think they fondly rubbing to you, actually they mark you.
  10. They do not feel sweet taste. 
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