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Did you know? - 10 interesting facts

Did you know? - 10 interesting facts


1. The height of the Eiffel tower varies by as much as 6 inches depending on the temperature.

2. The biggest active volcano in the world is Mauna Loa on Hawaii’s Big Island.
3. The river Nile froze over twice so far. First in 829 and then in 1010.
4. The world’s biggest pyramid is not in Egypt but in Mexico.
5. 97% of the water on Earth is saltwater. Only 3% is fresh-water.
6. If the axis of the globe were not tilted, there would be no seasons.
7. A pineapple is neither an apple nor a pine. It is in fact a large berry.
8. A fresh egg will sink in water but a stale one will float on top.

9. The Spanish National Anthem has no words.

10. Rhythms is the longest English word without a vowel. 

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