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If you want to discover fun topics and easily learn new things check our website regularly. Spend your free time wisely and use the internet to your advantage. The world is yours to explore!

Wet cat

Bathe or not to bathe that is the question. Most of the cats hate water when bath time is coming. They try everything to stay dry. They hide, they try to escape, they even scratch! But there is a time when nothing helps anymore.


Polar bear having a great time

This wonderful polar bear at the Wisconsin Zoo couldn’t wait for the cold and snow to arrive! In the video you can see how much fun he has when he gets a chance to play in the snow, which is a natural thing for polar bears and it’s bad they can’t enjoy it all year round. This is too cute!


African lungfish

African lungfish, Protopterus annectens, can live in suspended animation, called aestivation, without food and water for three to five years. They wake up when water becomes available.


Baby elephant stuck in mud

An elephant calf got stuck in mud and the mother struggled to get the calf out as the rest of the herd left. Watch as the herd returns and a more experienced member gives her a helping trunk. So cute! 


Close encounter with a brown bear

Each year in Alaska’s McNeil River State Game Sanctuary between June and August many brown bears appear to fish for salmon. People find this fascinating so some are granted access to the park to observe the wild animals. 


Anna’s Hummingbird

Look at this beautiful hummingbird, from the west coast of North America!