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Nursery rhymes for Easter

Nursery rhymes for Easter


Bunnies are brown,
Bunnies are white,
Bunnies are always
An Easter delight.

Bunnies are cuddly,
The large and the small;
But l like the chocolate ones
The best of them all.


Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken, 
Lay a little egg for me. 
Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken, 
I want one for my tea. 
I haven't had an egg since Easter, 
And now it's half past three. 
So, chick, chick, chick, chicken, 
Lay a little egg for me.

The Easter Bunny's feet,
Go hop, hop, hop.
While his big pink ears,
Go flop, flop, flop.
He is rushing on his way,
To bring our eggs on Easter Day.
With a hop, flop, hop, flop, hop
Rabbits soft and cuddly,
Baby Chickens too.
Easter eggs for baskets,
White and pink and blue.
Easter cards of greeting,
Music in the air,
Lillies just to tell us
it's Easter everywhere
In your Easter Bonnet
With all the frills upon it,
You'll be the grandest lady
In the easter parade.
I'll be all in clover
And when they look you over,
I'll be the proudest fellow
In the easter parade.
We didn't hear the Easter Bunny
Hopping down the hall;
He hopped so very quietly,
He made no noise at all!

But upon the breakfast table
He left bright Easter toys,
Downy chicks for little girls
And furry rabbits for the boys.

Then we found bright Easter Eggs
Tucked behind the chairs,
Upon the windowsills and in
The corners of the stairs.
Here is a Bunny
With ears so funny, 
And here is the hole in the ground.
At the first sound she hears
She perks up here ears, 
And jumps in the hole in the ground.
Mr Bunny, Mr Bunny,
Won't you stop, stop, stop?
"No," said Mr Bunny,
I must hop, hop, hop.
Easter is coming, and there is lots to do,
Eggs must be coloured green, pink and blue.
I'll tie each basket with a pretty bow.
Children are waiting so l must go.
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