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Michael Buble duets with 15 year old boy

Michael Buble duets with 15 year old boy


A mom’s love and pride towards her children knows no barriers, we know. But this one particular mom surely isn’t afraid to go the extra mile for her dear son. 

She actually interrupts singer Michael Bublé mid-concert to let him now she’s got her son with her that night who “really knows how to sing”. Bublé doesn’t seem to get offended and decides to invite the young talent up on stage with him to make sure mom’s judgement is appropriate.

Then the singer asks the band to play “Feeling Good” and the young boy, Sam starts singing. After only a couple of seconds Bublé states that “Sam can sing!” They perform the popular hit together and – to mom’s delight – Bublé says “I’ve got another four years before Sam wins the X-factor…”

What a moment!

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