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Football All My Life has been released

Football All My Life has been released


Suspense, anticipation, hope, drama, passion, tears, and cheers. World-class skill, proud traditions, and team spirit that extends well beyond eleven players, to the ardent support of billions.

The football phenomenon, whatever your allegiance, is inescapable. Joseph Felföldi is no exception. Hailing from Debrecen, Joseph has helped to sponsor the local Hungarian Champions – known affectionately as ’Loki’ (locomotive) – and can remember the golden period of Hungarian football from his earliest days.

Football’s power to capture the imagination and rally supporters in their thousands is the inspiration behind this latest project  -  Football Dance. As the name suggests, the song is celebrating not only the game itself – but the surrounding spectacle of the cheering, waving fans in the terraces, the frantic non-stop media coverage and strategic manoevring off the pitch and in the transfer markets. The game on the pitch is just the centre-piece to a many-layered series of games and battles, personal stories, and competing talents and dreams, coming together in one dramatic dance…

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