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Supermoon at the sky! Biggest supermoon since 1948

Supermoon at the sky! Biggest supermoon since 1948


We can be a part of a real astronomical specialty at 14th November! But what is a supermoon?

 As the Moon moves on its elliptic path sometimes it getting closer to us than usual. In this case we see the Moon larger. That is what we call supermoon. This year, on the night of 14th November this phenomenal will be visible, so it will worth to go out and sit under the open sky, because it is only a one – or two - time thing in a lifetime! Not only it will seem larger but its light will be much stronger as well. According to the weather forecast it will be the most spectacular around 16:30. Last time we could see such a supermoon in 1948 and the next one will take place November, 2034. So it is worth for everybody to fasten their eyes on the sky! 

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