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LED is the light source of the future.

LED is the light source of the future.


The light-emitting diode (LED) is a modern source of light made of semiconductor material.  LEDs last 25 times or even 50 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

Advantages of the LED light sources:

Energy Efficiency:
Their major advantage is energy efficiency. Instead of emitting light by the heat or glow of a filament, electrons are released during operation, thus avoiding heat loss.     In this way they can save up to 90% of the energy consumed by standard incandescent bulbs.

Luminous Efficacy:
In the case of standard incandescent bulbs, the vast majority of the electric energy is used for heating instead of illumination, hence performing low luminous efficacy:  8-14Im/W. Figures of the LED are between 50-80 Im/W in general, however there are ones of 100Im/W as well.

Heat Generation:
The amount of the generated heat is insignificant, therefore LED lamps are suitable even for places, where heat is a potential source of danger. They load air conditioning systems for a smaller extent.

The lifespan of a classic incandescent lamp is approx. 1,000 hours of operation, that of a halogen lamp is 2,000-3,000; a compact fluorescent lasts for 8,000-12,000 hours, while LED has a life of 25,000-50,000 hours.

Effects on the Eyes:
It emits steady (non-flickering) light, which does not bother the eyes.

Adjusting Brightness:
Dimmable brightness without negative consequences. (Type specific)

Range of Colours:
A single socket is able to produce different colours of light.  More than 16 million colours can be produced by proper mixing.

Instant Switch On:
It has no warm-up time, instantly produces the required brightness.

Switching On /Off:
Frequent switching on and off does not affect lifespan.

Operation at Extra-Low Voltage:
It can be operated at an extra-low voltage of 12 V, therefore it enables safe use with children as well.

Vibration and Shock:
As LED is free of filament, vibration or shock do not necessarily result in loss of the light source. That is why it has been increasingly used in automotive industry.

Light Spectrum:
It produces light of narrow band of wavelengths, which excludes both UV and infrared region. In this way it is an ideal solution for shop windows, causing no harm to the texture and colour of the objects. 

Heat generated during operation is insignificant. Brightness is produced instantly after switching on. Although LED bulbs cost considerably high compared to halogen lamps, their greatest advantage is energy efficiency.

LED is the light source of the future. 



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