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Bedrooms of children around the world

You should definitely check out this video to learn more about cultures, countries and how lucky you should feel to have your bed to sleep in at night. Some of the children in this video don’t really have much luxury when it comes to their rooms, some others seem to live in heaven. What kind of room do you have? Do you share it with your siblings? 


Decorating a bedroom on a budget

Want to make your bedroom a bit more unique, a bit more special? This lady gives us some great ideas guiding us through her own bedroom makeover that she didn’t spend that much on! If you’re looking for ideas on the cheap, check out her tips! 


Space saving furniture

This video simply amazed me because of the great ideas I saw for people living in small spaces. If you live in a big city chances are you can’t afford a 5 bedroom loft or a family house. But how can you use a simple piece of furniture to your advantage to have everything you need in your room at once? Well, check out the video and see! Is this a table, or a bed? It can be both! 


How to Buy a Loft Bed (Bunk Beds)

Individuals of all ages choose to invest in a loft bed or bunk bed for their home. This classic childhood sleeper is quickly becoming a fun, inventive way for 'tweens, teens, college students, and young adult hipsters to maximize their space without having to roll out a sleeping bag every night.