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Wear a hat in winter, or your hair will fall out

Wear a hat in winter, or your hair will fall out


Remember how mom used to tell you to put on your hat, or you’ll lose all your hair? Well, mom’s fear was not ill-founded. 

Even your scalp can get a cold and that causes itching skin, dandruff and even hair loss!

If you experience more hair loss in spring and autumn than usual, that might still be fine. But if it continues even after a couple of weeks and comes with an irritated, itchy scalp and even dandruff it might mean your scalp “caught a cold” and needs treatment. Make sure you drink enough water to hydrate your skin, keep a balanced diet and take vitamins, even for your hair! Besides that you should treat your scalp and roots with rich oils (mostly natural, vegetal oil) and use a sensitive shampoo and a rich, nourishing conditioner. If that’s not enough use natural hair masks every week. The symptoms should go away but if you still experience heavy hair loss, consult a specialist because your case could be more serious or it could mean you have other medical problems in the background, like hormonal changes or an advanced case of vitamin deficiency that should be taken care of. It is obvious that in the summer salty water and the sun damages your hair, but the winter is no better either! The cold outside – just like the heat inside both have disadvantages. The heating makes the air in the room a lot less humid than it should be, and it’s not good for your skin or hair. You could purchase a humidifier to ease the problem and make sure you moisturize your skin, your hair, your lips, and even your eyes especially if you work in front of a computer!


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