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How to revitalize your skin after the summer

How to revitalize your skin after the summer


After a careless summer our skin can become dull and new wrinkles may appear due to the sun, wind, salty water, and the heat. 

If we don’t do anything to cure these symptoms the results might be irreversible. As summer ends and autumn is undeniably here, it is essential to start nourishing our skin.

First we have to make sure we drink enough and keep our body hydrated throughout the day. This means we should drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day. As for the face, start with scrubbing off the dead skin cells to make your skin look less tired and flaky, then moisturize it with a nourishing cream preferably one that contains vegetal stem cells and vitamins. For the night it is advised to use a heavier, more nourishing cream that still won’t plug the pores. We can put on a cleansing mask every week or two to avoid getting blemishes.

Some people will still feel that their skin is irritated and dry but there’s a solution for them, too. There are many cosmetic treatments available in beauty salons, like the hyaluron acid hydration treatment, mesotherapy or biolifting. They might cost more money than we’d normally want to spend on facial care, but the results are well worth it and our skin will look and feel much younger, more radiant and healthy. After all, our face is our trademark, we should take good care of it.


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