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What you need to know when you start to bake a muffin

What you need to know when you start to bake a muffin


Probably muffins are the favorite cake of a beginner housewife.  Baking muffin is not a big thing but we would like to share a few tip and tricks with you so then you can make the perfect muffin!

1.       If you don’t use paper molds only just the classical metal muffin pan, it’s worth to wait 5-10 minutes after it’s fully baked, because it will be easier to turn it out from the pan.

2.       The most important thing is when you make muffin is to mix the solid and liquid ingredients separately. When it is done you can mix these 2 part, but just slightly! The best dough is a little bit liquid, but also let is has some structure.

3.       Try to use an ice cream spoon to always put the right amount of mixture into the pan.

4.       Baking powder can be replaced by baking soda, but in this case you have to add a little bit more than the recipe advices.

5.       If you want to put some filling into your muffin, the best thing you can do is to add it after its baked!

6.       We can put different nuts inside beside jams, puddings, etc... In this case put only a half amount into the pan, pour some nuts over it and add the other half of mixture.

7.       If you roll your “fillings” into some flower than it won’t sink in the muffin.

8.       You can freeze the ready muffins! They can last even for 1-2 months!

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