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Get the best pumpkin muffin recipe for Halloween

Check out Felfoldi's Classic Kitchen website for interesting blog posts with many recipes. As Halloween is here we share their pumpkin recipe. Watch the video and try to make at home, it looks super yummy.



Animal Macaroons

How To make macarons? We share a great video about homemade animal macarons. Learn how to make macarons at home, looks easy, let's try!


Plating tricks

You so fancy! Plate like a pro with these quick and easy dinner party plating tricks. If you always wondered how they do those beautiful dinner plates here you go ,the secret is easier than you would think. 



Ice Cream Hacks

Summer is here, who can resist some delicious cold treat in the heat? Learn these simple life hacks that everyone should know, perfect simple ice cream hacks,



Don't say you don't have time for cooking! Just watch this video and get some ideas to prepare delicious home made food in one minute only. 

Open your fridge and check what ingredients you have at home to start.Be creative! 


Kids Try Japanese food

American kids try Japanese food for the first time. They reaction is funny, even though the Japanese food has a very old tradition and also very healhy. It cointains many seafood and fibre.Many statistics says that Japanese people tthe healthiest people in the world and they live the longest. Their gastronomy is truly impressive.

Watch this video to see more. 


Top Ten Recipes Of All Time

Watch the top ten tasty videos of all time in one video.They look soooo yummy that we all become hungry as watching the video. Which one is your favourite? 

Home made food is always the best food and especially when you have friends coming over you can impress them with this easy recipies. 


Pumpkin Recipes

It is the season of pumpkins. Eat lots of them as they are super healthy and nutrition with many essentian vitamins for your body.

Here we are going to show 3 incredible and delicious pumpkin repices that you guys can easily prepare at home.



Creative fun food for kids

We love these cute looking foods! 



Healthy Veggie Nuggets for Children

We share a great recipe here about how to make some homemade veggie nuggets in 20 minutes.
If you have difficulties to feed the kids with vegetables then with this recipe you can gain your goal!


Amazing Cooking

These Pull-Apart Cupcakes are awesome and so easy to make! 


What you need to know when you start to bake a muffin

Probably muffins are the favorite cake of a beginner housewife.  Baking muffin is not a big thing but we would like to share a few tip and tricks with you so then you can make the perfect muffin!


Microwave mug cakes

These microwave mug cakes are really tasty and they are so easy to make. 


Make your own pizza from scratch!

Learn how to make your own pizza from scratch which is not only cheaper but healthier than the ones you order! Pick your favourite toppings and voila, that’s a perfect dinner for the whole family!


Christmas party snacks for everybody

If you check out the video you’re going to have so many new tips for the office Christmas party or a friends’ gathering before the holidays! These snacks are easy to make and can be prepared in larger quantities and also look good on a full table! Try making them and amaze your friends and colleagues! 


Egg hacks in the kitchen

This video introduces a more than a dozen tricks for preparing eggs just the way we like them! You’ll see easy tricks for making sunny side ups, poached egg and scrambled eggs as well! Yummy! You can have a different breakfast every day with these tricks!


Creative snacks for toddlers and kids

This mom creates some awesome snacks for kids that are healthy and fun at the same time! Check it out if you want to give your children some quality food and make them happy! 


How to make a chocolate bowl for desserts

It’s so easy to make chocolate bowls and guess what the secret tool is! It’s balloons! The girl in this video explains the procedure step by step and turns out it’s really easy to make very beautiful looking desserts in just half an hour! Make sure you check out her other videos as well, this girl makes amazing cakes and sweets! 


How to make the most delicious strawberry bread

This tutorial shows how to make an easy and very mouthwatering strawberry bread in no time! As it’s mentioned in the video, first you preheat the oven and grease two loafpans thoroughly then sprinkle it with some flour to make sure the dough doesn’t stick. 


How to cook an omelet in a plastic bag?

This easy recipe is definitely perfect for those who find it hard to properly flip an omelet in the pan. 


Quick And Easy Dessert Ideas

We believe that home cooking should always be fun, interesting, and easy to do! Learn how to make desserts the quick and easy way.Enjoy your home bakings!


Eat Yummy Healthy Food

We believe that home cooking should always be fun, interesting, and easy to do! Enjoy our collection of fun and easy food tutorials! With recipes ranging from healthy dinners, to sugary sweet delights, there's a plethora of creative options to spice up your home cooking. Our easy-to-follow, wonderfully edited videos show you how to cook and bake these recipes with ease.


Yummy DIY Chocolate Recipe Ideas

Best Chocolate Recipes, Yummy DIY chocolate cake, cupcakes and easy recipes for everyone. Learn how to bake and cook, it is easy just get started!



Jiggly Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake

Look at this irresistible fluffy japanese cheescake, we all have the feeling to have a bight right now!

Here is the recipe so you can make it at home:




Watch this video with 45 secret culinary hacks that are used by restaurant chefs. 
Do you want to feel like a professional chef in the kitchen? Then check out these amazing cooking life hacks and tips!
All the tools that you need are in your kitchen already. Don't hesitate! 



Here we show you 30 different 5 minute recipies. All you need is 5 minute to prepare something fresh and delicious at home. You won't even make an order over phone in 5 minutes. So what is holding you back to try one of them?

Good Luck and enjoy the result!


Finger Foods For Your Party Platter

Watch this video to get easy ideas on how to preapre delicious finger food for any occasion. They look so simple and easy to prepare that you must try.

Impress your family and friends now!

Enjoy and bon appetite! 



You won’t believe to your eyes… these are the best kitchen hacks!

They look unbelievable for the first sight but If you watch this video you will see they are so simple and very smart ways to manage things by using the suggested tricks.

Check out and try them yourself at home to impress your family and friends.

Be the Star in the Kitchen!



Meet a famous food artist mother

Meet Samantha Lee, who is a Malaysian mother and Food Artist. She creates whimsical, colourful and
healthy meals for her two young daughters. Sam started turning food into fun and unique artworks to
help her eldest daughter eat independently and healthily back in 2008 and started posting on Instagram
in 2011. 


History of Ice Cream

Good weather is coming! It comes to enjoy the lovely, hot moments in the Spring time! 
Did you know the history of Ice Cream? 


Hot Chocolate

Are you fed up with the winter?
Or is there anything, that could make it more bearable?

Quick Milk Hot Chocolate will take your mind to the cosiest winter nights. For chocolate lovers, or those, who are shivering int he cold is the perfect way to ejoy pleasant moments, and banish.


The history of muffins

Moufflet means soft bread in French. This is the origin of the word muffin. Only few people know that until todays mostly sweet muffin it went through a lot of changes. We will show you how it happened.


Easy one-pan chicken pan chicken

With this easy one pan chicken pasta recipe you’ll be done with dinner in no time! The whole family will simply love this hearty dish that only takes one pan and 20 minutes to prepare! No more messy kitchens!


Easy guacamole recipe

Watch this video and learn how to make a tasty, easy guacamole for parties or for simple dinner with chicken or rice! You won’t be able to stop eating it! 


Barbecue From Around The World

In this video you’ll see different kinds of barbecue food from around the world. I’d say: Roast all the things! These look surprising yet yummy!


Lovely Grandma’s great depression cooking

This adorable grandma of 98 years cooks a dish called „The poor man’s meal” that she and her family often had in her childhood at the era of the great depression in the states. The meal consists of some diced potatoes, onions, sliced hot dogs and two-three tablespoons of tomato sauce. It’s really easy to make and very cheap to buy all the ingredients, so it was a popular thing for families to cook at that time. However cheap it might be, it sure is delicious and feeds a whole family! Try it for dinner if you like simple and hearty meals. 


Chocolate cake roll recipe

Skip the bakery and head to your kitchen because this easy chocolate cake roll recipe will be the star of your next party or family gathering! It looks so delicious and the lady in the video explains everything step by step so it’s easy to make at home even together with the kids at the weekend. Yummy! 


Cool food magic tricks

Has your mom ever told you to stop playing with your food? Well after seeing this video I bet she’ll want to try all these cool tricks with you! Brace yourselves, cool kitchen magic is coming! Just get all the ingredients ont he counter and spend a fun afternoon with your siblings and parents trying all these crazy tricks at home!


How to use a muffin tin for multiple things

This video by Allrecipes shows cool hacks to use a simple muffin tin for many things around the kitchen! 


How to Make Fresh Tomato Sauce

Cheese grater trick for fresh tomato sauce.
If you like tomato sauce with your pasta this fussless sauce recipe will be no.1 on your list from now on!