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The reason why pugs are awesome!

This compilation video is proof that pugs are the funniest dogs in the world with their constantly worried little faces and adorable snores! 


Old people crossing the road

This prank is so funny I can’t stop laughing! Watch how these elderly people make fun of unsuspecting drivers in this video! 


Dogs that hate to bathe!

Some dogs are just not as keen on bathing as the golden puppy we mentioned in an earlier post. These guys just can’t stand being washed in a tub or shower, they simply prefer grooming themselves on their own. I guess it’s understandable, it might be just as strange for them to bathe in warm water as it is for us that they lick the dirt off themselves. Yikes!


Adoptive parents get two unexpected twists, end up with five children

This story is truly amazing! An American couple decided to adopt a baby after unsuccessfully trying to have one for years. They found a birth mother who they thought was pregnant with one baby but after a while it turned out she actually carried triplets! 


Silly head table tennis

These two guys must be a little out of their minds for trying such a weird sport but it’s fun to watch the two of them play head table tennis. I wonder how much they burn in calories.


Exercising with a dog

Ever imagine working out with your little buddy at the gym or even at home? Now, let professional dog trainer Eric Ko introduces a new exercise routine that you could try out with your little furry friend. What more? End the routine with a kiss and start over again. One, Two, Three, Four and Kiss! Let's get fit together!


American kids try breakfast from other countries

Watch these kids eat all kinds of different breakfasts from around the world and get super excited or grossed out by the new types of food! Have you ever had breakfast from another country? Was it yummy or not so good? Some of these are really strange for us, but I’m sure there’s a reason why foreign people like them for breakfast as most of them seem nutritious and give you energy for the day!


Now Who's The Scaredy Cat? | Alligator vs. Housecat

This curious cat is braver than most people. When he saw an alligator, he didn't back down, and came out on top!