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Jackie O Returns

Jackie O Returns "Stale" Box of Cupcakes


This video shows a supposedly upset customer who complains about some „stale” cupcakes to the local cupcake place owner she purchased them from. The shop owner feels really bad about it and assures the customer that there must have been a mistake and she’s more than happy to replace said cupcakes with some fresh ones.

After that the customer calls her boss ont he phone and asks her to bring in the stale cupcakes. As she enters the owner recognizes her as Jackie O, a famous Aussie radio DJ. She tells the owner to open the cupcake box and check the bad cupcakes and as the shop owner, a mother of four, opens the lid she sees a box full of cash – 10.000 AUD to be exact. Turns out Jackie O heard about this struggling shop owner whose youngest son just got diagnosed with a disease and who herself has ovarian cancer and just recently lost a brother. Jackie wanted to help this mother so she could focus more on her family and her young son, and this act of kindness brings the happy mom to tears. Watch the video if you want to brighten your day!

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