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Easy trick to stop your car windows from fogging

Easy trick to stop your car windows from fogging


With winter comes a really annoying problem most car owners face during the wet, cold months. Often when we get in the car during autumn or winter the windows and the windshield are so foggy it’s impossible to see through them. 

In the morning it can be frustrating to deal with this problem so we offer you this video to find a really easy solution! All you’ll need is an old pair of socks and some kitty litter – a super absorbent type. You just have to fill the sock with the litter until it’s full and tie a knot in the end. Your little package is now ready to be placed on the dashboard or under the car seats, basically anywhere in your car you’d like. It will absorb any moisture in the car and you should normally recognize the difference it makes in a few days. Hurray, no more stressful winter mornings!


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