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Cute Puppy Videos Compilation

heck out these cute puppies in this compilation of funny puppy videos. Puppies are the cutest. Pug puppies, bulldog puppies, labrador puppies, and more, they are all very adorable and also funny. 


Funny dads

It's well known fathers can make mistakes....more often than mothers,perhaps. 


The funniest ostrich you’ll ever see!

A group of cyclists were recently joined on their route by a very special friend in South Africa…an ostrich! The bird couldn’t be happier to run at full speed chasing his cyclist buddies. This is too funny, the bird really is a champion!


Babies eating lemons for the first time

Lemons are sour, everybody know that, except for babies who are just as willing to try lemons as they would be to try chocolate or bread…until they take a brave bite. Look at all these funny baby faces and share this video with your friends!


Silly head table tennis

These two guys must be a little out of their minds for trying such a weird sport but it’s fun to watch the two of them play head table tennis. I wonder how much they burn in calories.


Old people crossing the road

This prank is so funny I can’t stop laughing! Watch how these elderly people make fun of unsuspecting drivers in this video! 


Human Clock

The young dancers in this video seem like they are the hand of a clock. You need a lot of practice and all your trust in your partners to be able to do what they do in this video. This is truly spectacular! 


Little 2 year old is a born gymnast

This little boy from Iran can do almost anything an adult gymnast can and his parents say he only does it for fun. It’s incredible! 


This girl can jump!

In this video we see a young cheerleader who shows off her skills and I’m left speechless. She’s very talented and I’m sure she has many, many hours of practice behind her. I wonder how she didn’t get all dizzy after all the spins and turns. 


Learn to say “I love you” in different languages

These people say “I love you” in different languages from around the world and I think it’s a really nice thing to learn. The more languages you speak the more colorful personality you have. 


Dogs that hate to bathe!

Some dogs are just not as keen on bathing as the golden puppy we mentioned in an earlier post. These guys just can’t stand being washed in a tub or shower, they simply prefer grooming themselves on their own. I guess it’s understandable, it might be just as strange for them to bathe in warm water as it is for us that they lick the dirt off themselves. Yikes!


Puppies learning new things

Puppies are just like curious kids and they find everything they see for the first time magical and scary at the same time. Watch this video made by Buzzfeed in association with Animal Planet if you want to brighten your day. These little cuties are so sweet and innocent it’s almost unbearable. I feel like adopting a puppy just now! 


Adoptive parents get two unexpected twists, end up with five children

This story is truly amazing! An American couple decided to adopt a baby after unsuccessfully trying to have one for years. They found a birth mother who they thought was pregnant with one baby but after a while it turned out she actually carried triplets! 


Kids saying hilariously silly things

Kids sometimes say silly things and sometimes they appear to be the tiny geniuses of the world. This video shows a bit of both, watch it if you wanna have a good laugh!


Easy trick to stop your car windows from fogging

With winter comes a really annoying problem most car owners face during the wet, cold months. Often when we get in the car during autumn or winter the windows and the windshield are so foggy it’s impossible to see through them. 


Beautiful video of a pregnant lady

These photo a day kind of projects are becoming more and more popular on the internet with people taking a single photo of themselves every day for a given period of time, from the same angle and same position.


Now Who's The Scaredy Cat? | Alligator vs. Housecat

This curious cat is braver than most people. When he saw an alligator, he didn't back down, and came out on top! 



WOW!These are so smart hacks, make magic at home!

Have Fun!


100 years of beauty on video!

This 1 minute video shows a 100 years of beauty trends in America with the help of a single model. It is truly fascinating to see how beauty was defined in different eras in the past. Do you ever think about the reason a given trend spread among women of a certain era? Why were big dos such a huge fashion trend in the eighties? Or what about dark, sharp lips and thin eyebrows in the twenties? 


Gentle giant just loves her caretaker

This adorable baby elephant just runs to greet her caretaker like a puppy! If you don't believe there’s a true bond between humans and animals, please check out this video to see how this elephant gets so excited upon seeing her rescuer! This is true love! 


The reason why pugs are awesome!

This compilation video is proof that pugs are the funniest dogs in the world with their constantly worried little faces and adorable snores! 


Cat loves bearded dragon

This kitten is really protective of his lizard and the two seem to be unseparable best friends. Have you ever seen a kitten cuddle a lizard like this? It’s a pretty unlikely friendship in the animal world.


Amazing Japanese Precision

Really amazing video of extreme walking.


Smart cat cannot be fooled

This cat’s skill is really impressive! He can always find where the little ball is hidden even when they play with four cups! Would you tach your cat to play like this?


Exercising with a dog

Ever imagine working out with your little buddy at the gym or even at home? Now, let professional dog trainer Eric Ko introduces a new exercise routine that you could try out with your little furry friend. What more? End the routine with a kiss and start over again. One, Two, Three, Four and Kiss! Let's get fit together!


Magic tricks by everyday people

This compilation video shows random people doing tricks that are awesome. I’d love to know how to do a couple of these so I could surprise my friends and even make new ones at a gathering! It’s a cool way to start a conversation when you perform a trick you know! 


Shaving cream hacks

You know how most people use shaving cream…mostly for shaving. But did you know you can use it for many other things? I didn’t know a bottle of shaving cream could be so useful in my life! I’ll definitely try it the next time I get food stains on my clothes.


Man builds a whole hut from scratch

I bet you’ve never seen anything like this before. This man in the video builds a whole hut from scratch and he even makes the tools used all by himself. I believe this one is a 100% natural little house and I’m truly amazed! If you ever get lost in a forest, remember this guy.


American kids try breakfast from other countries

Watch these kids eat all kinds of different breakfasts from around the world and get super excited or grossed out by the new types of food! Have you ever had breakfast from another country? Was it yummy or not so good? Some of these are really strange for us, but I’m sure there’s a reason why foreign people like them for breakfast as most of them seem nutritious and give you energy for the day!


Jackie O Returns "Stale" Box of Cupcakes

This video shows a supposedly upset customer who complains about some „stale” cupcakes to the local cupcake place owner she purchased them from. The shop owner feels really bad about it and assures the customer that there must have been a mistake and she’s more than happy to replace said cupcakes with some fresh ones.


Hilarious dads make funny video

These dads sure know how make fun of themselves and other dads around the world showing at the same time how good it is to be a father. Their lyrics are absolutely fantastic and infinitely witty and the video itself is pure genius. 


Chilean snowboarders save horse stranded in the snow

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing an animal in need being rescued by kinds humans. That’s exactly what happens in this video made by some extreme sport fanatics. 


Rhino CHARGES and Attacks Car | Kruger National Park

While driving through Kruger National Park in South Africa, one cantankerous rhinoceros didn't appreciate this unwanted visitor.