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Search result: Fun projects

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Heart shaped box DIY

With Valentine’s Day only a month away you might consider giving your love something handmade that they can cherish forever. This idea is great for storing your gift or as the gift itself! It’s easy to make and will surely put a smile on your Valentine’s face!


Super fun strechy ball DIY for kids and adults

This one is so easy to make and super fun to play with after it’s done! Bith kids and parents are going to have a fun time making them and the kids will be the absolute superstars at school with their custom made strechy balls! 


Wash your hands with nutella! Fun DIY

This is a super gift idea for the sweet toothed relative in the family or a fun decoration idea for your hobo-style bathroom! After all, who wouldn’t love to literally bathe in nutella?


DIY projects for kids

This mom shares some of her fave DIY projects with kids that she collected from Pinterest and grades them. These seem like fun things to do as a family, check out the video and steal some ideas!