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Hot Chocolate

Are you fed up with the winter?
Or is there anything, that could make it more bearable?

Quick Milk Hot Chocolate will take your mind to the cosiest winter nights. For chocolate lovers, or those, who are shivering int he cold is the perfect way to ejoy pleasant moments, and banish.


The history of muffins

Moufflet means soft bread in French. This is the origin of the word muffin. Only few people know that until todays mostly sweet muffin it went through a lot of changes. We will show you how it happened.


Microwave mug cakes

These microwave mug cakes are really tasty and they are so easy to make. 


Unique candle holders

DIC candle holders.


A desert in blooms

Desert.... beautiful flowers... 


Supermoon at the sky! Biggest supermoon since 1948

We can be a part of a real astronomical specialty at 14th November! But what is a supermoon?


100 years of beauty on video!

This 1 minute video shows a 100 years of beauty trends in America with the help of a single model. It is truly fascinating to see how beauty was defined in different eras in the past. Do you ever think about the reason a given trend spread among women of a certain era? Why were big dos such a huge fashion trend in the eighties? Or what about dark, sharp lips and thin eyebrows in the twenties? 


Gentle giant just loves her caretaker

This adorable baby elephant just runs to greet her caretaker like a puppy! If you don't believe there’s a true bond between humans and animals, please check out this video to see how this elephant gets so excited upon seeing her rescuer! This is true love! 


Easy one-pan chicken pan chicken

With this easy one pan chicken pasta recipe you’ll be done with dinner in no time! The whole family will simply love this hearty dish that only takes one pan and 20 minutes to prepare! No more messy kitchens!


Wash your hands with nutella! Fun DIY

This is a super gift idea for the sweet toothed relative in the family or a fun decoration idea for your hobo-style bathroom! After all, who wouldn’t love to literally bathe in nutella?


What you need to know when you start to bake a muffin

Probably muffins are the favorite cake of a beginner housewife.  Baking muffin is not a big thing but we would like to share a few tip and tricks with you so then you can make the perfect muffin!


Mini Christmas tree

DIY christmas tree for you!


Colours of Autumn – Mug Cozy

Cute diy mug cozy...


Europe’s most amazing castles

Scotland, Germany, France and Slovenia… A lot of beautiful castle are located in these counties. Looking at these pictures we can feel like in the old times for a while!


The magical forest of Spain

Mossy trees, fog and a sense of mystery which pervades the whole landscape. These feelings characterize the Spanish “magic forest”. 


100 years of fashion in 3 minutes

This is how the fashion of wedding dresses turned out in the past 100 years.


The funniest ostrich you’ll ever see!

A group of cyclists were recently joined on their route by a very special friend in South Africa…an ostrich! The bird couldn’t be happier to run at full speed chasing his cyclist buddies. This is too funny, the bird really is a champion!


Amazing small home for a family of six

The Harger family of six has taken huge steps to dedicate themselves to serving others across the globe. Step into their camper home to see how they fit two adults and four kids into less than 300 square feet! Truly shocking how literally everything fits in there!


Heart shaped box DIY

With Valentine’s Day only a month away you might consider giving your love something handmade that they can cherish forever. This idea is great for storing your gift or as the gift itself! It’s easy to make and will surely put a smile on your Valentine’s face!


Super fun strechy ball DIY for kids and adults

This one is so easy to make and super fun to play with after it’s done! Bith kids and parents are going to have a fun time making them and the kids will be the absolute superstars at school with their custom made strechy balls!