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Welcome to Felföldi Confectionery Ltd.’s website dedicated to the original Quick Milk Magic Sipper! 

You can find our Quick Milk products in over 80 countries around the world! This website is for everbody who’d like to be entertained and discover the world of our delicious products. Get ready to have some serious fun! 

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The creator of the Quick Milk is Joseph Felföldi who is not only a businessman but pursues a music career as well!

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Here is the website for all Felföldi Creations – just like Quickmilk. Check out all of our other delicacies and get more information about the brand.

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Classic Kitchen is a line for people who appreciate high quality food and like home-made flavours but lack the time or energy to cook every day.

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Fun4All - Kids Club

Get the best pumpkin muffin recipe for Halloween 2018.10.10.

Check out Felfoldi's Classic Kitchen website for interesting blog posts with many recipes. As Halloween is here we share their pumpkin recipe. Watch the video and try to make at home, it looks super yummy.


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Quick And Easy Dessert Ideas 2018.09.24.

We believe that home cooking should always be fun, interesting, and easy to do! Learn how to make desserts the quick and easy way.Enjoy your home bakings!

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Relaxing Music 2018.09.17.

Relax your mind and body during this background calming instrumental composition. Use it for Zen meditation, Reiki, Yoga, spa, sleep, massage and study in background.

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Cute Puppy Videos Compilation 2018.09.10.

heck out these cute puppies in this compilation of funny puppy videos. Puppies are the cutest. Pug puppies, bulldog puppies, labrador puppies, and more, they are all very adorable and also funny. 

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Amazing Hair Transformations 2018.09.03.

Check out these Top 30 Amazing Hair Transformations - in this beautiful Hairstyles compilation.Try to make your own hairstyle with the help of this video or ask your friend to do it together. Don't worry if it won't look nice for the first try, just keep practicing and you will be like a professional in the end.

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Check out this compilation of clever hacks for every occasion, they may come in handy at any time! How to cut vegetables, make frozen yogurt pops, beer box cooler, start fire with chips and tons of different helpful stuff! :)

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