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Did you know? Interesting facts about sugar

Did you know? Interesting facts about sugar


Decayed teeth, obesity and insomnia. Talking about sugar all these bad effects come first into our minds! Here is what you should know about this sweetener.


1. The sugar will only cause tooth decay if you eat it all day and you have poor oral hygiene habits.

2. 60 grams of sugar can be safely eaten without our body would develop it into fat. This is equivalent to about four scoops of ice-cream

3. It’s a common mistake that sugar causes diabetes.

4. Sugar improves your state of mind.

5. High sugar intake is partly responsible for the fast aging of cells.

6. A spoonful of sugar could cost 5 dollars back in the 15th century London

7. Lemon contains more sugar than strawberries do.

8. It is used to add to bitter medicines to cover up the unpleasant taste. 

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