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Amazing Kids Cakes

We share a lovely video tutorial here that might help you to learn how to make Paw Patrol, Shopkins, Hatchimals, Inside Out, Ninja Turtles cakes for your loved ones.



Time is money. So don't ever waste your time! Find out how to deal with common everyday routine much faster and effective! 

Hope you will find them useful!


Top 10 Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewelry In The World

From diamonds sold at auction to tiaras worn by queens these are the 10 most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world!
Breathtaking moments are coming Ladies!!



Extremely useful tips and hacks for your bathroom! Clening tiles, keeping razor sharp, folding towels and much more!



Great success again at ISM 2018 in Cologne. We had a very impressive stand at the exhibition with many visitors over the four days.


Fun Cooking Tricks

Watch in this video 6 Amazing Cooking Hacks For Your Home Kitchen! They are so simple, you will love them. Impress your family and friends today with these new tricks! Our favorite is the Egg heart, so nice!


Top 15 Attractive Haircut & Hairstyles for Men 2018.

Hello Boys, if you're looking for some latest men;s haircuts for your next look, then probably this post for you, we''ve compiled 15 best attractive men's haircuts hope you will be find your best one.


The Best Nail Art Designs & Ideas in 2017

Wow, look at these fabulous nail art desingnes! They look absolutely stunning an amazing. We can watch this video non-stop.

This is a real art,wonderful!  Which design is your favourite? Do you prefer colourful design on your nails or rather just simple french style?





Best Christmas Markets in the World

Watch this video to see the most beautiful Chrismtas markets around the World. Christmas is a magical time in Europe  with many famous Christmas markets,but for us Budapest the most beautiful. As watching this video we all get into the Chrismtas mood and we would love to go for a market shopping and tasting the delicous foods and desserts there.

Which is your favourite city to visit around Christmas time?


MOTIVATION: Make your beginning by Joseph Felfoldi

A real motivational video which gives you a clear picture about what is the right way to follow in life.

Life is challenging for all of us, but there is no success without achieving our goals and making our dream to come true.
It always seems impossible until it is done.Excuses don't get results. Always be positive and keep moving forward.


We were there at Anuga 2017

Hello Everyone!
We are here in Cologne at the ANUGA 2017 Exhibition, which is the World's largest Food & Beverage Fair.
The Felfoldi Team is very excited and getting ready to start the Show tomorrow.

As you can see our stand is nearly done with our spectacular product selection of the Brand like Quick Milk & Classic Kitchen.

Our Team is looking forward to meet the visitors over this weekend.
Hope to meet many of you here!
#Felfoldi #Anuga #Cologne #QuickMilk #MagicSippers #ClassicKitchen
Felfoldi Team


World Book Day

What's your favourite book? 


100 years of fashion in 3 minutes

This is how the fashion of wedding dresses turned out in the past 100 years.


Beautiful routine with balls

This lady whose stage name is Tatiana Konoballs is absolutely amazing! She dances with 3 balls balancing on top of them and it’s incedible how smoothly she just slips from one ball to the other. This is really something to see! 


Amazing landscapes painted with fingers

This guy is a finger painter and he creates speedy landscapes using only his fingers and some paint. The result is beautiful, he’s really talented. Do you ever do arts and crafts at home? Do you paint? Maybe it’s time to try something like this! 


HALOGEN - The most common light source in the world

The halogen lamp is an incandescent lamp itself, differing from the classic lamp in only one single feature: the filament is surrounded by a - usually small-sized - quartz bulb, which contains some neutral gas and a small amount of  halogen element  (iodine,, bromine).


Can iPad Pro Really Replace Laptops

Can iPad Pro Really Replace Laptops


Galaxies scanned for signs of life

After searching 100,000 galaxies for signs of highly advanced extraterrestrial life, a team of scientists using observations from NASA’s WISE orbiting observatory has found no evidence of advanced civilizations in them.


How it is made?

Welcome to our world! Look behind the scenes here!


Valentine’s Day Creative Food

Finally the day has come, when all coupled in the world celebrate their love. Here are some of  our favorite Valentine’s Day Creative Food Ideas for you! Your are still in time to surprise your love today with some of these heart shaped food. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!




19 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

In this video we've prepared 19 simple and practical life hacks that will make your life much easier! These tips and tricks will help you in your every day life!

Supplies and tools:
• Old plastic card • Pliers  • Hot glue gun • Candle • White plate • An old toy with a long neck
• Colored paper, note paper • Coffee beans • Ice cream wooden sticks • Paper clip
• Marker • Foil, lubricating cream • Artificial flower • Ruler • Pencil • Scissors • Stationery knife
• Hole puncher, A plastic cup • Wax crayons • Syringe • Silicone molds • 2 balls
• Liquid soap • Tennis balls • Wire • Plastic bottles and ,more.



Well you know what they say... crazy equals genius! Even if some of these hacks seem weird to you, doesn't mean they're not helpful at all! Check them out and have fun! ;)



Visit us at ISM 2018, Cologne

Visit us at ISM 2018, Cologne/GERMANY 28.01-31.01.2018
Hall 10.2, C088 & D089
ISM-The world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks.



Hello Ladies!

Look at these totally easy beauty tricks which save you money and time as from now you can simply make yourself some of your beauty treatment at home.

You can also  try with your friends, it is gonna be good fun for sure.



Hello Mommies! Look at these beautiful hairstyles for your little girls! They all look very cute and all you need is one minute to make! If you are lucky enough your little one will let you to make it  for her so it will take only 1 minute and not not more.Good luck!


Quick Milk Game! Play&Win!

Play and Win a Quick Milk Gift box on our official Facebook site

End of the fame is: 06.12.2017.

Good Luck Everyone!

Follow us on Facebook!


Top 10 Luxury Cars 2017

Nice music and nice cars, what elso do we need to feel good? 

These cars are really beautiful, who wants to take them for a drive?


Update on ANUGA 2017

Hello Guys,
So just a little update from Cologne Anuga Food Expo 2017.
We are in the middle of the show now, this is the 3rd day of the Expo and still going on until Thursday this week.
Our crew is still very energised and more than happy to welcome the continuously coming visitors.
We have great selection of tastings and we can proudly state that our latest product release called Let's Cheese is one of the favourites.
If you are around come and enjoy our tastings! 
#Anuga #Cologne #FoodExpo2017 #Felfoldi #QuickMilk #ClassicKitchen #Let'sCheese #ComeAndTaste


Beauty Tips

We show here some easy home beauty hacks for our Ladies. They are brilliant, worth a try!


Supermoon at the sky! Biggest supermoon since 1948

We can be a part of a real astronomical specialty at 14th November! But what is a supermoon?


Amazing balancing skills

This japanese lady is the master of concentration and balancing! She manages to bulid a bird-like construction with only balance keeping the pieces on top of each other. It’s incredible!


Incredible Hungarian shadow dance team

These guys are really something to see! They have a very unique performance and in this video you can see how they blow the audience away with their emotional dance routine! They are called Attraction and they are from Hungary so we are exceptionally proud they did so well at the talent show! 


LED is the light source of the future.

The light-emitting diode (LED) is a modern source of light made of semiconductor material.  LEDs last 25 times or even 50 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.


Cheap and funny iPhone cover DIY trick

If you check out this video you’ll see that with a single inflated balloon you can make a totally functioning iPhone cover. This might not be the most useful life hack but it sure is funny. I think I’d try it at home just for laughs!


Stress makes your diet impossible!

You’re cramming for a test, worried about a band tryout or at risk of not finishing up some big class project on time. This is stress. And you realize it is hard to hold off eating a doughnut or dish of ice cream.