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Mini Christmas tree

DIY christmas tree for you!


Heart shaped box DIY

With Valentine’s Day only a month away you might consider giving your love something handmade that they can cherish forever. This idea is great for storing your gift or as the gift itself! It’s easy to make and will surely put a smile on your Valentine’s face!


DIY projects for kids

This mom shares some of her fave DIY projects with kids that she collected from Pinterest and grades them. These seem like fun things to do as a family, check out the video and steal some ideas!


Amazing DIY's for Kids

Keep your kids busy over the weekend, check out this video for 11 amazing DIY ideas and let them enjoy some hand crafts with fun.


Unique candle holders

DIC candle holders.


Cool tiny home xmas decoration

If you happen to live in a small apartment you probably aren’t planning on buying a Christmas tree this year as it would take up too much space. But what if you could have one…on the wall? This video tutorial guides us through the making of a beautiful Christmas home decoration. It’s not too difficult to make and looks amazing!


Amazing DIY science projects

This video shows all the fun things you can do if you use some science which is great because you learn new things and have fun at the same time! Ask your mom to help you with there DIY science tricks and make sure you do everything like they do in the video! Ready to have fun?