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Welcome to Felföldi Confectionery Ltd.’s website dedicated to the original Quick Milk Magic Sipper! 

You can find our Quick Milk products in over 80 countries around the world! This website is for everbody who’d like to be entertained and discover the world of our delicious products. Get ready to have some serious fun! 

Our partners help Us to make you happy


The creator of the Quick Milk is Joseph Felföldi who is not only a businessman but pursues a music career as well!

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Here is the website for all Felföldi Creations – just like Quickmilk. Check out all of our other delicacies and get more information about the brand.

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Classic Kitchen is a line for people who appreciate high quality food and like home-made flavours but lack the time or energy to cook every day.

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Fun4All - Kids Club

Mini Christmas tree 2016.11.30.

DIY christmas tree for you!

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Microwave mug cakes 2016.11.30.

These microwave mug cakes are really tasty and they are so easy to make. 

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Colours of Autumn – Mug Cozy 2016.11.30.

Cute diy mug cozy...

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Unique candle holders 2016.11.23.

DIC candle holders.

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Europe’s most amazing castles 2016.11.21.

Scotland, Germany, France and Slovenia… A lot of beautiful castle are located in these counties. Looking at these pictures we can feel like in the old times for a while!

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Wet cat 2016.11.21.

Bathe or not to bathe that is the question. Most of the cats hate water when bath time is coming. They try everything to stay dry. They hide, they try to escape, they even scratch! But there is a time when nothing helps anymore.

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