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Welcome to Felföldi Confectionery Ltd.’s website dedicated to the original Quick Milk Magic Sipper! 

You can find our Quick Milk products in over 80 countries around the world! This website is for everbody who’d like to be entertained and discover the world of our delicious products. Get ready to have some serious fun! 

Our partners help Us to make you happy


The creator of the Quick Milk is Joseph Felföldi who is not only a businessman but pursues a music career as well!

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Here is the website for all Felföldi Creations – just like Quickmilk. Check out all of our other delicacies and get more information about the brand.

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Classic Kitchen is a line for people who appreciate high quality food and like home-made flavours but lack the time or energy to cook every day.

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Fun4All - Kids Club


Time is money. So don't ever waste your time! Find out how to deal with common everyday routine much faster and effective! 

Hope you will find them useful!

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Hair Hacks And Hairstyles Every Girl Should Know 2018.02.16.

In this video you'll find a compilation of original hairstyles and hacks! So if you decided to change your appearance, watch our video and choose interesting ideas for your hair.

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Valentine’s Day Creative Food 2018.02.14.

Finally the day has come, when all coupled in the world celebrate their love. Here are some of  our favorite Valentine’s Day Creative Food Ideas for you! Your are still in time to surprise your love today with some of these heart shaped food. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!



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Top 10 Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewelry In The World 2018.02.13.

From diamonds sold at auction to tiaras worn by queens these are the 10 most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world!
Breathtaking moments are coming Ladies!!

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19 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier 2018.02.12.

In this video we've prepared 19 simple and practical life hacks that will make your life much easier! These tips and tricks will help you in your every day life!

Supplies and tools:
• Old plastic card • Pliers  • Hot glue gun • Candle • White plate • An old toy with a long neck
• Colored paper, note paper • Coffee beans • Ice cream wooden sticks • Paper clip
• Marker • Foil, lubricating cream • Artificial flower • Ruler • Pencil • Scissors • Stationery knife
• Hole puncher, A plastic cup • Wax crayons • Syringe • Silicone molds • 2 balls
• Liquid soap • Tennis balls • Wire • Plastic bottles and ,more.

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Here are tons of absolutely entertaining easy and quick hacks to brighten any day! Check out cool DIYs for glowing sneakers, light swords, spinners and many more fun ideas

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